A Blog About The Lord of the Rings

Rumors(Chapters 1-4)

“You shouldn’t listen to all you hear, Sandyman…”(Chapter 1 pg.23)

Isn’t this ring magnificent!

When I first read this line from the book, it came to my mind about the real world and how this statement applies to everyday life. People will want to believe what they want to, and I can respect that. While some rumors may be proven true, others are not. I think what the Gaffer says is very true. You really shouldn’t believe everything you hear. If you do, it could lead you down a wrong path, or it can even lead you towards danger. As for me, I don’t believe everything I hear, but I get curious whenever anyone says anything.

Then again, it might not be at all bad. If you think of all the good things that might come out of it. The characters in this chapter were all waiting for a specific event to happen. I can understand the amount of tension that would increase and how it affects how much you will want to hear. Just think about it. If you heard that something important was gonna happen, what would you do? I know what I would do. I would do everything I can to find something out about it. Wouldn’t you get curious when you hear it from others? Don’t lie to me. You know you would. I’m guessing that’s just how it is in this world. Someone says something, and everybody comes running.

By the way guys, this is Gollum if you didn’t already know.

     “The murder of Deagol haunted Gollum…”(Chapter 2 pg.55)

Let’s be real here. Murder will haunt anyone. No one wants to live with the fact that they have killed someone. It’ll stay with them forever. I hear stories all the time on the news of how people are killing each other. It even haunts me, and I’n not the one committing those murders. Now why did Gollum kill Deagol? I don’t know. What I do know is he was pretty stuck up when Deagol refused to give him the ring he had found, so he killed him. I definitely know another thing: anger makes you do terrible things. You can’t let your anger take control over your actions. You have to learn to control your temper. Now Gollum could’ve just asked nicely couldn’t he? Did he? No.

Now I can understand why Ol’ Frodo here felt no pity for him. Would you feel pity for anyone who would commit such atrocities like murder? I wouldn’t. If you heard it on the news. on social media, or somewhere else would you feel pity? Would you feel any remorse for them? Of course some people have different views, but doesn’t everybody deserve a second chance?

“…the decision lies with you. But I will always help you.”(Chapter 2 pg.60)

Ah. Now here’s a good one. What could be better than having your whole life or every decision needed to be made be placed in your very hands? Why don’t you take a look at your own hands right now and think of all the times this sort of thing has happened to you. Believe me when I say that you’ve gone through this before. This statement really hit me right in the gut. Oh how I remember the times when I had to make my own decisions and even make decisions for the people around me. To be honest stuff like this really stresses me out sometimes. I know I can make my own decisions, and you can too. I wouldn’t be laughing if I had to make really tough decisions that might create some bad consequences. In the end, it always helps to have an encouraging word or something to count on. I’d feel hopeless on my own if I didn’t know whether or not my parents, friends, or other trusted people were counting on me. Wouldn’t it give you confidence? It probably would wouldn’t it?

“Bag End seemed sad and gloomy and dishevelled.”(Chapter 3 pg.68)

I kind of think when all that was going on in this book as I read, I was thinking to myself. You know, I was starting to think that some of what happened, such as Bilbo’s sudden disappearance, was shocking and kind of out of the blue. Seriously, no one knew about it but Gandalf and Frodo. It was kind of kept a secret. Now I would hate if stuff was kept from me, and I’m sure you would hate it too. Yes you would. Stop doubting. You know it really sets the tone for this chapter. At first I thought it was kind of exciting and maybe even mysterious. Now it seems all gloom and doom. It sends shivers down your spine doesn’t it? Just think of all that despair and gloom going around. Isn’t it great?

“Certainly it reminds me of Bilbo in the last years, before he went away”(Chapter 3 pg.72)

Who wouldn’t want to remember their loved ones? I sure would. If a friend or a loved one of mine died or went away for a very long time I would feel sad. I would want to hold onto something that will help me think of them. Whether it was a card, a ring, a necklace, or something else of that kind, it would help me. It would give me something to hope for. I’d smile holding something like that in my hands. It would make anyone happy.

“…But I understand that Gandalf chose me a good companion. I am content. We will go together.”(Chapter 4 pg.85)

I love it when people feel grateful for what they have. I’m telling you now that no one wants to go on a journey alone. It would be a lot more frightening than if you were to go with one or more other people. I’ve been on a journey, or rather event, where I was alone. I did just fine, but I really wished someone was paired with me. You never know. You could get lost or even stranded, and I can guarantee that it wouldn’t be a very fun time.

I loved how these first four chapters really played with my mind a bit. I could keep reading these chapters over and over again. It really got me thinking and involved with the characters because I could put myself in these situations and say, “Hey. I’ve been in that situation before!”

Moving on to a new life(Chapters 5-8)

“He had a strange feeling as the slow gurgling stream slipped by: his old life lay behind in the mists, dark adventure lay in front.”(Chapter 5 pg.97)

Do you ever get the feeling when you were moving and had to leave your old life behind? It’s a real struggle to come over. It isn’t easy to let go of your old life. Where you are going may seem a mystery. Frodo and friends have moved away from their home in the Shire and are heading toward Buckland. I can already feel the tension happening.

I don’t believe it’s hard, but I don’t believe it’s easy either. I would hate to have to leave my past behind me. I had such good times in my past, and I certainly wouldn’t want to let it go. I like how a “dark adventure” laid ahead of them. I sure bet that would be creepy to think about. You’d think bad things will happen to you as you go along, or when you arrive at your destination, your view will have completely changed. Some might think it is hard to say goodbye, and it is. Think about it. You spent your entire life living in this one place. You liked it there, and all of a sudden you have to move away. One cannot just simply leave it behind. You must continue on and move on, and maybe things will get better for you from there.

“Sam is an excellent fellow, and would jump down a dragon’s throat to save you.”(Chapter 5 pg. 103)

It’s always incredible to see your friends sticking up for you. It makes me smile when one person takes the risk for another. Wouldn’t it make you feel good about yourself knowing you could save somebody’s life? I’ll answer that for you. Yes it would. It shows that you relly care for that person. You wouldn’t let anything bad happen to them no matter the case. If you were alone and had gotten yourself in a sticky situation, what would you do? You probably wouldn’t be able to help yourself if you even could.

It makes me think of my own friends and family. I’d do anything for them. Even if it’s just a simple task, I would do it. You want to please someone don’t you? If so, do whatever it takes to do so. You might be able to compare yourself with Sam in this book. Frodo was “deeply moved” when Pippin told him how they must travel along with him and that Sam would lay down his life to protect him from any sort of danger. Trust me when I say this: you will never forget the time when someone puts their life on the line to save yours. I will surely appreciate it, and so will you because you just might receive something back in return.

Doubt(Chapter 6)

“What a foul thing to happen! Why did we ever come into this dreadful Forest? I wish we were all back at Crickhollow!”(pg. 115)

This really comes to mind when I make decisions. You think for a moment and then come to a conclusion not knowing what the outcome is going to be. You might relate to this too. You decided to do something, and once you found out what was going to happen, you began to feel doubtful. You no longer wanted to be in that sort of situation. Just think on it. You’re making a life-changing decision, and there are many different ways to go about it. You finally get to choose, and it all comes tumbling down. It doesn’t work out the way you want it to, or maybe it wasn’t the right decision to start with.

Cheer(Chapter 7)

“The guests became suddenly aware that they were singing merrily, as if it was easier and more  natural than talking.”(pg. 123)

Cheer is a good feeling. When something happens, whether good or bad, you think of something or someone that makes you happy or that makes you want to smile. It makes you forget about your troubles and gets you focused on positive things, like having fun or telling jokes. I know this feeling all too well. I was feeling down, and I watched a funny video on YouTube. I forgot all about my sadness and despair and focused my mind on the video. It may have not come to me then, but I was full of cheer.

Now don’t lie to me. I know that you’ve had something happen to you that you didn’t want. Do you think positive about the outcome? Do it because you’ll feel better. Just leave the bad times behind and move on. What really makes someone happy and cheerful? We may never know because we have different views on everything. Sometimes we can’t control what happens to us.

Secret Keeping(Chapter 9)

“Frodo had a sudden fear that in his present mood he might even mention the Ring; and that might well be disastrous.”(pg. 154)

Keeping secrets is hard isn’t it? I would say so. Have you ever had to hide something without telling anyone? It really is a hard job. I know just how tempting it is to tell someone a good, juicy secret when I know I’m not supposed to do so. If you did tell, you probably wouldn’t be trusted anymore with secrets no matter how much you beg. If it’s something important, just try your best to keep it a secret since you absolutely cannot tell anybody about it. I thought this was a pretty neat topic to talk about while reading this chapter. Anyways, back to the chase. Let’s say a friend or someone else you know tells you something and tells you not to tell anyone else. What would you do? If I were you, I’d keep that secret and zip my mouth shut. If I talk to someone and I know I’m about to reveal the secret, I’ll just move on to some other topic. It will certainly help you in the future.

Forgetfulness(Chapter 10)

“If he forgets, I shall roast him.”(pg.167)

It hits me all the time. Sometimes we have trouble remembering things whether it be homework or something else. It’s tough to remember things, and it can come down on us pretty badly. I must constantly be thinking about it for me to be able to remember it. It would be really bad if you forgot something important wouldn’t it? I would think so. Think on it. Someone trust you to remember an important assignment or announcement. You say okay, but then a couple days later you have completely forgotten what it is the person wanted you to do. I always laugh at myself thinking I’m so forgetful with things because I am. It’s like someone tells me something, and they ask me five minutes later if I did what I was asked to do. I say no, and they’re going to be like: “Oh my God!” It always helps to at least write it down or repeat it over and over in your mind, so it stays on your mind until it’s done

Regret(Chapter 12)

“He bitterly regretted his foolishness, and  reproached himself for weakness of will.”(pg.194)

Have you ever done something you absolutely just regret doing? It has happened, not just to me, but many people. I find it hard to live with regret. All that’s on my mind is: “I screwed up. I’ve done bad.” Now I know that reproached, as used in the quote above, means to address someone, or even yourself, in disappointment. You’re upset that you screwed up, and now you had to pay the price for your actions. I just hate it when this happens. I’m having a fairly good day and then boom! I say something bad or do something bad, and I get punished. I would just go somewhere to rethink what just happened and would try to fix it, but what is life if you just live in regret most of the time? What would you do in situations like this? I’d act quickly if I were you because regret stays with you.

Bravery(Chapter 1)

“Yes fortune or fate have helped you…not to  mention courage. For your heart was not touched, and  only your shoulder was pierced; and that was  because you resisted to the last.”(pg.216)

I’ve heard many tales of people showing bravery and courage. A character in a story stands up for his friends, or a character risks his life sometimes for the best. It makes me happy knowing someone has my back. I can count on them for anything. How would you feel if this happened to you? Would you feel happy, or would you feel overwhelmed? Bravery can come in many ways. It can be the simplest things that make us feel brave or courageous. Now tell me you haven’t felt this way before because you have. It makes you feel good inside.